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Discussing Personal Brand at Empower Concepts Series

Junction Executive Director of Business Development & Partnerships Mark Cropp recently joined Sherry Heyl, CEO of Concept Hub Inc. and Julie Squires, CEO of Softscribe Inc. as featured speakers on a panel of experts leading a conversation on launching new brands. The event, part of the Empower Concepts series, held at The Work Spot in Duluth, GA, attracted business owners, entrepreneurs, artists, and others trying to address and overcome the challenges of starting something new in a difficult economic climate.

Speaking to a room of individuals seeking guidance toward boosting personal brand equity, Heyl first discussed tools and techniques for increasing visibility, creating valuable connections, and making the most efficient and effective use of time. Squires presented the importance of setting measurable goals and milestones in moving forward, defining a path for implementing these tactics to move forward.

Cropp spoke on how to best present a brand to investors, target customers, and the general public. As a lifelong entrepreneur, Cropp has extensive experience in defining and polishing his own personal brand, as well as working to contribute significant value to partners. He shared examples from his time with Junction, working hand-in-hand with other entrepreneurs, startups, and SMBs seeking to harness their own unique value propositions and create memorable, sustainable brands.

“With so much competition in every industry vertical in the modern marketplace, sharing thought leadership with these individuals and companies is the best way to create impact.” said Cropp. “At Junction, we are driven by the spirit of entrepreneurship, and we are passionate about helping new brands maximize their potential and thrive as members of the greater business community.”

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