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Lovely Day for a PICNIC

Technology is constantly evolving. This evolution occurs so rapidly and can be so confusing that even IT professionals have a difficult time keeping up with the newest hardware, software, procedures, and techniques. So how can executives, entrepreneurs, and other busy members of the workforce possibly expect to know how to react when a problem arises with the technology that drives the modern business world?

PICNIC errors, or, “Problem in Chair, Not in Computer” is a phrase that bounces around the digital marketplace every day as a way to describe user error, probably accompanied by some snickering at the expense of less tech savvy members of the workforce. The term alludes to the fact that all kinds of technologies, not just hardware like computers and mobile devices, but also common experiences like building websites or using social media and digital ad platforms, are designed to always do exactly what they are instructed to do, which often becomes a problem when the person operating the system doesn’t quite get the input right.

It happens all too frequently when a question or a complaint comes through from a client; dealing with technical issues isn’t a big hassle, but it becomes problematic when the conversation gets argumentative, or blame is assigned for problems that actually have very simple fixes for someone who understands exactly what is going on. It’s just not healthy for the relationship. Patience is incredibly important in these situations.

Our advice for clients when technology just isn’t working like you want it to is twofold: First, focus on educating yourself as much as possible. Simply learning as much as possible about how a new technology works is the easiest way to avoid misunderstandings and anger when these frustrating situations arise. Second, open the lines of communication; find a helpful partner to assist with problems that are admittedly beyond your capabilities. It is far more efficient to defer to the experts than to expend time and energy fighting an uphill battle with technology you don’t fully understand.

These two steps will not only help shed the stress of struggling against an emotionless and very stubborn opponent, but also enable quick resolution to any technical problem, allowing you to get back to business!

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