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Did You See THAT?

Spectators at fashion shows, particularly during the high profile ‘Fashion Weeks’ around the world, are often witnesses to some very unusual showcases. Coinciding with Miami’s July 2012 fashion week, the new Twelv Magazine debuted, featuring a visually stunning colorful dress on the cover. Upon close inspection, it became evident that the 220 pound piece was made entirely of gummy bears.

Creating fashion out of food is a trend that has gained momentum over the course of the past few years. Fashioning edible couture out of things like spaghetti and meatballs, citrus fruits, or other materials commonly reserved for the dinner plate certainly makes a big statement. The works are painstakingly made to last just a few fleeting moments in the public eye, but leave a lasting impact on audiences. It is a great way for a designer or a brand to be noticed and remembered among the thousands of ‘looks’ vying for consumers’ attention.

In a crowded marketplace, marketers are always striving to accomplish what designers like the famous (or infamous) Yeonju Sung manage to do with just a few supplies from the grocery store. Marketing seeks to cut through the noise and grasp attention, even if only for a few seconds, and make an impression that lasts much longer.

It is not to say that businesses should desperately seek to create some sort of stunt to momentarily capture an audience; constancy is pivotal to successful brand marketing. ‘Putting all the eggs in one basket’ is clearly a risk. The lesson that should be culled from the zany fashion scene is that designing solutions that pack punch can leave audiences thinking about a brand even after the messaging stops. Your customers are already advocates for your brand; create something bold to keep them talking.

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