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Happy 4th of July from Junction

There is no doubt that here at home, the difficult times of the last handful of years have brought questions, fears, and doubts to businesses of all sizes. Joblessness, sluggish spending, and struggling financial markets leave the emerging economies of the world threatening to overtake the limping United States.

China, Brazil, and other emergent foreign economies are indeed growing at an incredible pace, but on Independence Day, we are reminded that the US is still the home of many opportunities and liberties that very few lucky people around the world can claim to enjoy. Our relatively short history is marked by a free flow of ideas and a never-say-die attitude that have helped millions succeed and achieve dreams.

It is easy to take the advantages that the US has to offer for granted, but America’s historical position as an unchanging economic superpower is truly an anomaly. From a business owner’s perspective, there is simply no greater nation on Earth.

Junction wishes everyone a happy and safe 4th of July. Celebrate the many rewards of living and operating a business in the US, and think about how to create some fireworks of your own. 

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