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London Calling

In a time when all of Europe is feeling the effects of a low point in its economic recession, the summer of 2012 is shaping up to be a game changer for at least one major city: London, England.

Earlier this month, Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee celebrated 60 years of her reign over the United Kingdom, drawing the close attention of the international media. Anglophiles from all over the world watched the festivities closely, and many even made pilgrimages to London to take part. The event dominated American television and newspapers as Her Majesty’s loyal subjects reveled in the streets of their magnificent capital city.

Following the Jubilee by a month will be the annual edition of pro tennis’ oldest and most prestigious event, Wimbledon. The sporting world will watch intently as the locals once again cheer on hometown favorite Andy Murray to become the first Brit to win the tournament in the Open Era. As many as 500,000 spectators inside the All England Club grounds will join the hundreds of millions of fans tuning in on TV and the web to watch the action, putting the often rainy but still charming city on prominent display for two more weeks.

As impressive as the display of great tennis will be, London’s big year culminates with a singular event that unites people from all corners of the world and brings an unparalleled media frenzy. The 2012 Olympic Summer Games are to be hosted in the English capital, beginning July 27th, and will bring London into the spotlight with an unprecedented level of coverage. The Games are actually expected to boost the UK’s economy, but even the possibility of financial losses would not overshadow the incredible exposure and sense of pride they will bring to the city.

With our planet more connected than ever before, the world will literally be watching as the summer unfolds in England. Thanks to the astounding extent and power of traditional and digital media, the trio of events will reinforce London’s status as one of the greatest cities on Earth, and they could not come at a better time.

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