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JXN Executive Roundtable Attracts Central PA Business Owners to Discuss Sustainability and Growth

On Tuesday, May 1st, 2012, Junction Creative Solutions (Junction) welcomed guests for its JXN Executive Roundtable event, a forum for entrepreneurs and business owners to share insights and perspectives in an intimate environment. Cosponsored by Raffensperger, Martin, and Finkenbiner LLC and Patrono & Associates, the event included 27 area business owners who participated in a dialogue, promoting collaboration by discussing best practices to facilitate and sustain growth.

“For our first roundtable discussion in the Gettysburg area, we were encouraged by the number of area business owners who elected to attend this event,” comments Mark Cropp, Executive Director of Business Development & Partnerships, Junction.  “Combining the thought leadership of this group can facilitate growth within each business and in the greater community.”

A panel discussion focused on the impact that significant shifts in the economic climate have had on growth, and the importance of diversifying business to adapt to changes in the marketplace.  Panelists encouraged attendees to invest in good people, seek help and expertise from partnerships to drive maximum value, and create a strategic roadmap and consistently execute. “Diversification is quintessential, particularly so in a bad market. Adapting products or services is considerably less risky than pursuing a new customer base,” said John Murphy III, Patrono & Associates. “Adaptability has become the key to building long term success, protecting a business from a great deal of uncertainty under difficult circumstances.”

Attendees found the discussion thorough and useful.  “The panelists were able to not only answer the questions posed, but were able to take and build on each other’s comments,” commented Katherine Powley, Vice President, Susquehanna Bank. “They all agreed that diversification has been the key to their success these past few years. In thinking about my own clients, I think that would be true for those that have weathered this economic downturn as well.”

Since its inception in 2008, Junction has extended its influence into the Northeast, further developing relationships with companies in the Central Pennsylvania region with a presence in Gettysburg. Julie Gareleck, CEO and Managing Partner, Junction, is hopeful that the Roundtable will help foster a better business environment not only in Pennsylvania, but nationwide. “Sound strategy drives successful and sustainable business, and exchanging knowledge and experience with our peers helps create strategy that is better informed,” said Gareleck. “Events like the Roundtable bring the thought leadership of these owners and executives together to promote a more positive environment for business development. We look forward to future events and continuing to support growth for businesses of all sizes.”

Junction is actively preparing for its next event to be held in the region. To get involved in future events in Gettysburg, please contact mark@junction-creative.com.

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