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Junction Shares Insights on the Future of Marketing

The role of chief marketing officers (CMOs) is changing almost as quickly as the advancements in technology. The CEO of Junction Creative Solutions (Junction), an Atlanta-based strategic agency, releases Marketing Futurists: Better, Faster, Constant. The perspective applies and adapts the economic principle of better, faster, cheaper to a new marketing model that has transformed the traditional role of CMOs.

“Marketing is often classified as ‘nice to have,’ comments Julie Gareleck, CEO & Managing Partner, Junction. “But in this dynamically changing market place, marketing is a need. The responsibility for marketers, especially CMOs, is to not only deliver the message but also generate a return on investment. Traditional best practices for marketing have changed – the model is different.”

Gareleck offers an interesting perspective for marketing futurists. “The influence of technologies like social media and the surge in real time digital data have given many marketers headaches, but with swift adoption, the same advances provide opportunities for CMOs to change the economics of marketing in a big way,” said Gareleck.

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