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The Most Important Super Bowl Ad You Didn’t See

An unlikely advertiser graced the Super Bowl advertising line-up with a message far different from the usual players. It may not have made the same splash as the Top 5 Picks for the best Super Bowl spots; in fact, it was wasn’t even seen by most viewers.

The Kauffman Foundation (Kauffman) has long since been an organization serving as an advocate and supporters of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial programs. As a $2 billion non-profit, Kauffman elected to spend $400K on a 30 second spot aired in 4 major markets: New York, San Francisco, Washington DC, and Kansas City.  The advertisement asked a simple question of aspiring entrepreneurs: Will It Be You?

The message calls on viewers to consider small business as an option and take risks to become the next great entrepreneur. Even if Kauffman was successful in reaching just a portion of the record-breaking number of viewers on Super Bowl Sunday, it succeeded in opening a door for new advertisers looking to mobilize specific target segments.

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