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A Special Thanks from the CEO

** From the pages of Junction’s notebook: Read about the experiences, perspectives, and ideas of Junction team members.

In March of this year, Junction started working with Bill Maher, CEO, Intelaplay, on an online travel website unlike others in the industry.  As of December 5th, www.intelaplay.com went live.  An execution of this size is no small endeavor.

A special thanks to the entire team (in no particular order): Mark, Tamika, Marci, Josh, Robert, Ale, Mariana, Paulo, Felipe, Sean, Sebastian, Manual, Leo, Russ, Dick, Donna, and Rolando.  A job well done.

A special thanks to our client, Bill Maher, for pushing the boundaries set by industry competitors and for believing in our team. We look forward to building upon the success of www.intelaplay.com.

I am always amazed at how the Junction team can realize a client’s vision.  It’s an awesome thing that we get to do everyday.



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