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Junction Client Intelaplay Launches a Best In Class Online Travel Experience

Intelaplay launches www.intelaplay.com, an immersive and intuitive online travel website, providing a differentiated experience for travelers and advertisers alike.  The online platform offers an educational, easy to use, yet richly contextual experience.  Developed by Junction Creative Solutions, the website is designed and aligned with the mission of Intelaplay, presenting comprehensive resources in an easy to digest experience for its users.

The Intelaplay concept is based around galleries of high definition, up to date photos and descriptions of hotels and attractions written by local and knowledgeable sources. This differentiated and immersive experience generates a highly realistic image of the destination to aid the user in choosing an itinerary. Listings are categorized as “Places to Stay” and “Places to Play,” simplifying and organizing the planning process to drive maximum value for users on the site. Detailed information on dining, culture, events, and more based on location offer local residents an incentive to utilize the site.

Intelaplay’s campaign, A New Way to Stay and Play, offers a significant creative shift, from a memorable jingle heard on radio or the sky advertising seen above Tampa Bay’s captivating shoreline. The digital experience acts as the hub allowing for users and advertisers to get an in-depth overview of the benefits of Intelaplay.  For travelers, the site offers an enhanced user experience making for a more streamlined travel planning experience.  For advertiser, the site offers an opportunity to reach target consumers based on user preferences resulting in a higher return on investment.

“With its ability to provide users with ‘customized’ and ‘localized’ content, Intelaplay.com is poised to become a successful and comprehensive travel resource for users worldwide,” says founder Bill Maher. “The challenge and opportunity is to now take it even further.”

Visit the new site at www.intelaplay.com.

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