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Serenity Now

As an entrepreneur, stress levels are typically high.  On any given day, it could be launching a new website, product, or marketing campaign; dealing with customers, reconciling financials, or hiring new employees.  Working around the clock becomes the norm to the chagrin of friends and family who are competing for a portion of that time.  The daily grind becomes a labor not a love.

There is truth in the expression that the night is darkest just before dawn.  Even the most seasoned and hardened entrepreneurs or business owners become vulnerable to the pressure.

In lieu of a spa day or a round of golf, here are a few tips for enduring long days:

1. Switch Gears: Step away from the computer.  Take a break from the office if only to run an errand, have coffee with a friend, or get in a quick workout.  It’s like hitting a reset button.

2. Ask for Help: Reach out to like minded folks or family. Don’t be afraid to share ideas, strategies, or challenges. It’s ok to ask for advice. Leverage the support system in place to find a fresh perspective.

3. Trust Your Instinct: Starting and growing a business isn’t just about strategy but also instinct.  Trust that it will guide decisions.

4. Look Ahead: Take a look at the big picture.  Instead of placing emphasis only on pressing goals, objectives, daily tasks, etc., celebrate the achievements, no matter how small.

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