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Jobs Well Done

**From the pages of Junction’s notebook: Read about the experiences, perspectives, and ideas of Junction team members.

Wednesday evening, the world learned the sad news of the death of the defining visionary of the tech boom.  Junction is saddened by the loss of Steve Jobs, a truly rare innovator who continually set new benchmarks for how we interact with technology. For many, including the Junction team, Jobs’ legacy remains entwined in everyday life.

JMA– “You don’t have to be a ‘Mac’ to understand how devices like the iPod or iPhone have shaped our modern lives. A brilliant and dedicated originator, Jobs will be sorely missed, but his influence will be felt for generations.”

TLS – “Jobs had great knowledge and vision that impacted millions. He truly changed the way the world thinks, works, and plays!”

RJE – “Jobs made using computers, iPods, iPhones, iPads easy and fun! And that’s what it is all about, ease of use for everyone and fun for all. Thank you, Steve.”

MLC – “Jobs revolutionized the computer industry with his vision and dedication to seeing a dream through to reality. His innovations and forward thinking will be missed by young and old alike. Thank you Steve. You will be missed”

JCG – “Steve Jobs, akin to the greatest visionaries in history, defied the boundaries of technology, business, and marketing. May his impact on the industry continue to motivate and inspire.”

The entire Junction staff extends our condolences to the Jobs family as well as Apple. Few individuals will remain in our memory as steadfastly as Steve Jobs.

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