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Junction Featured on America’s Web Radio

Julie Gareleck, Managing Partner, Junction Creative Solutions will appear as a guest on The Business Hour with Ron Comacho on Friday, July 29th at 10 AM to discuss how one firm has supported start-ups as well as current Fortune 500 companies to be more creative and have greater impact with a measurable return on investment.

The Business Hour offers a macroscopic and microscopic view of the professional world, as host Ron Comacho talks with guests about what non-profit and for-profit organizations do to survive and thrive within an ever-changing marketplace. Comacho drills down to have guests share the story of why they do what they do and how they do it.  Listeners get an inside perspective on what it takes to run a business and how to succeed in a highly competitive world.

Junction Creative Solutions (Junction), founded in 2008, is a hybrid strategic firm that combines the intellectual capital of a business consulting firm with the creative execution of an advertising agency.  Junction prides itself on developing and implementing key strategies and solutions that drive real impact for its clients.  Junction, as a rising leader in the industry, grew 300% in 2010 and is positioned to reach 400% growth in 2011.

Gareleck has consulted with hundreds of pre-seed, early stage, and established companies throughout her career with proven results.  Her portfolio includes measurable, integrated strategies for start-ups, Fortune 500, and Fortune 100 companies across various industries.

Tune in:  www.americaswebradio.com

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