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What Financial Marketers Want from Digital Marketing

On June 3rd, 2011, Junction attended The Gramercy Institute’s Journal of Financial Advertising & Marketing (JFAM) Forum held at the New York Stock Exchange. Bill Wreaks, Chief Analyst, JFAM, assembled seven powerful groups of panelists in a fast paced, 30 minute per panel discussion of “What Financial Marketers Want from their Digital Marketing.”

Bill gave an overview of a study co-commissioned by Metlife, Prudential, Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, and UBS on “The New Financial Customer.” The study provided insights into trends and the growth of digital marketing by financial advertisers. Highlights of the study included statistics such as an increase in spend that now sees digital media compose 50% of total financial advertising budget, and a near unanimous polling of firms believing digital marketing spend will only increase. Ultimately, the market will likely see increases of 20% or more in social media, blogging, mobile, and viral marketing in the immediate future.

Other speakers included executives from Bankrate.com, BNY Mellon, Ameriprise Financial, TD Ameritrade, CFO Publishing, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, TIAA-CREF, AIG Bank, Oppenheimer Funds, NYSE Euronext, Metlife, Prudential Financial, Bank of America, E*TRADE, and Deutsche Bank, among others.

The participants shared insights and perspectives on the financial environment, strategic media and digital marketing, brand reputation, accountability, and social media.
“The panels were packed with insight and useful information,” said Dick Eydt, Executive Director, Business Development & Partnerships, Junction. “Even for a half day conference, it was well worth the trip from Atlanta!”

Junction congratulates Bill Wreaks and his team on a fantastic event!

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