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Junction Creative Solutions Adds Marketing Talent Joshua M. Ardizzoni to the Team

Junction Creative Solutions (Junction), an Atlanta-based strategy firm, add another member to its expanding team.  Joshua M. Ardizzoni joins the Junction team as Marketing Coordinator responsible for driving brand awareness and visibility in the marketplace.

“Junction advises clients on the importance of being consistent in marketing efforts and I’m excited that our firm can actually live up to our recommendations,” comments Julie Cropp Gareleck, Managing Partner, Junction.  “We’ve experienced incredible growth in 2011 and in an attempt to manage the growth our marketing efforts became less of a priority.  I am pleased to welcome Josh to our team as his efforts are sure to drive impact for our brand and our business.”

Josh brings a notably diverse background, with experience in advertising market research, editorial writing for print publications, and creative content development. His experience spans various industries to include healthcare, retail, advertising, and political science.  In his role as Marketing Coordinator, Josh will be responsible for executing on Junction’s integrated marketing strategy that includes traditional, interactive, and social media tactics.

“Junction is a unique company capable of producing powerful results through a very dynamic and personalized approach,” says Josh. “Junction is committed to creating lasting relationships with its clients to build businesses.  Junction is equally committed to its team. I am thrilled with the opportunity to be part of a team and manage a brand that I believe in.”

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