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The Rise of Outsourcing in China?

Suzhou, the second city on our tour, is considered one of the best tourist cities in China.  Aside from cultural and historical relevance, Suzhou’s economic development recorded the highest rate of growth since 2003.  We visited the Suzhou Industrial Park which is an important cooperative between the Chinese and Singaporean governments which is responsible for generating 15% of the city’s GDP.  Although manufacturing is still a prominent industry, so is the rise of services more so outsourced services.

The Suzhou Industrial Park Institute of Services and Outsourcing is the 1st of it’s kind in China. The campus resembles that of the research triangle and yet the talent base reminds me of SCAD.  The institute positions it’s talent in the areas of Digital Media, Animation Design and Production, Information Technology Development, Finance, and Business.  Seemingly they will become a leader in outsourcing talent in these areas.

It’s clear Suzhou is growing and innovating. Despite the massive buildings, manicured lawns, and sprawling technology parks, I sense that it’s a work in progress.  Will Suzhou become the leader in outsourced services or will it become a pre-fecture city that fades over the next 10 years? Only time will tell.

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