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Blogging from China: First Stop Shanghai

Shanghai: A city with 23 million people, overbuilt but still building. A city where minimum wage for a factory worker is $1.15/hour (approximately), not even enough to live off of.  A city where energy conservation is a priority as a think layer of smog drapes over the city like a blanket.  A city much akin to Chicago only 3 times the size of NYC.

The longer you look, the more entrenched you become in the oddities, extravegance, and lackluster of this place and its people.  Therein lies the opportunity.

As an invited guest of the Great Idea Summit and Delegate of China, I have the unique opportunity to share ideas on growing an entrepreneurial community and investing.  Its a rare glimpse into the business climate  and the opportunities in which this culture seeks.

It is my hope to share this incredible journey with you over the next 8 days….more to follow.



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