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Junction Creative Solutions (Junction) Heeds Its Own Advice To React, Adapt, And Thrive To Create A More Sustainable Business

ATLANTA, GA: December 09, 2010 – Junction Creative Solutions (Junction), an Atlanta based strategic firm, faced the economic challenges head on to not only survive, but flourish.  By employing the same strategic principles applied to Junction clients, the firm achieved remarkable growth in an otherwise unpredictable business climate.

Junction attributes the success of the firm to hard work, a carefully executed strategic plan, and great clients.  “We’ve worked diligently to practice what we preach.  Strategic planning is an ongoing item on my ‘to-do’ list,” said Julie Gareleck, managing partner, Junction.   “More importantly we have amazing clients who reinforce our core principles of entrepreneurship, authenticity, integrity, and value.”

BB Webb, owner, Carl House, is one of those clients.  Junction applauds the efforts of Webb as she mitigates a dynamic industry to remain sustainable.

“Junction Creative has been a long desired ‘find’ to me and for my company.  Having sorted through all manner of organizations and people promising great service, on time and cost effective delivery and creativity to impress my most high standards, I had been entirely underwhelmed until meeting this crew of creative and savvy business folk,” comments Webb. “Headed by the entrepreneurial and visionary Julie Cropp Gareleck, her core of seasoned professionals understand the basis of running a good business, coupled with resources and talent to fit the many needs I have in the areas of marketing, promotion, design strategy, and implementation.  With that, I envision a marriage that will last throughout the years!”

2010 served as a pivotal year for Junction.  As the planning continues for 2011, the company looks to expand its presence, its portfolio, and its impact in the marketplace.