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Connecting to Kinect?

Video games continue to evolve with the newest release of Microsoft’s new controller-less gaming & entertainment system called  Kinect for XBOX 360. It’s safe to say that we have come a long way since 1975 when Atari was introduced.

It’s another new development in the gaming experience putting the control into the hands of the user, literally.  Instead of traditional gamepads or keyboards, users connect with arm movements, waves, voice commands, facial recognition, and video chat.  Kinectimals, a virtual pet simulator game, mimics the movements such as spinning and jumping. (As incredulous as it sounds, we even tested in on a 2-year old. It was a success.)

Although cutting-edge, we did see a few unique issues with the user interface.  Selecting items on the screen requires that a user places a hand over the item for an average of 10 seconds.  If you move within that timeframe, the timer resets….this has the potential to create frustration especially with the younger and less impatient, older user groups.  And a few other reviews worth checking out:


Regardless, this just might be the future of UI.  For now, it’s just a fun new toy to play with!