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The Age of Connectedness

When the iPhone was first introduced in January 2007, it was hard to imagine that a device would change mobile computing.  Nearly 3 years later, new devices are shaping consumer connectedness and personal computing.

The Nielsen Company just released a “Connected Devised Playbook” providing interesting insights on how consumers are using iPads, Kindles, and other related devices.  The report notes that early adopters are embracing the iPad/Kindle (what they are calling tablet computers).  These tablet users on average own more than 6 connected devices. Yes, 6!  It’s hard to imagine owning 6 connected devices – let alone, using these devices on a daily basis.

Statistics show that the adoption of the iPad is besting the use of the iPhone.  Users consuming content on the iPad over the iPhone include books, TV, movies, and magazines. The iPhone still leads content consumption for news and music as this report was released.

One more notable statistic for businesses to consider is that more 36% of iPad users made a purchase via the internet after viewing an advertisement…more than 9% higher than purchases made on other devices.  Businesses will want to pay close attention to these users – -as it indicates a trend on consumer purchase behavior.

To view the full report: <http://blog.nielsen.com/nielsenwire/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/Nielsen-Connected-Devices-Summary-Oct-2010.pdf>

iPhone to iPad in less than 3 years…. makes me wonder what’s next….