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Fox Sports Telecast of a Typical NFL Game Leads – a Disparate Viewing Experience?

How many on-screen graphics do you see? I count six; the super scoreboard module in the upper left, scores from other games in the upper right, first down line (yellow), line of scrimmage (blue), current down indicator, and finally the play clock timer. Almost every part of the screen is covered except for the little space in the lower left corner. Are all these graphics necessary and do they add to the enjoyment of watching the game?

There are obvious duplications of information within this screen. Both the current down indicator and play clock timer are prime examples of this. Are they needed in both places? And why is there a fake shadow underneath the on-field play clock timer? So the viewers think that this play clock is actually right next to the players.

Another issue is with the overly decorated and large graphics that contribute to the “chart-junk”. Does the current down indicator need three arrows to show the correct direction of where the offense is heading? Why are the fonts so large?

The information displayed within the scoreboard module needs a little prioritization. Every data item appears to be of the same size and thus importance.  This disorganized experience can affect the viewing experience.

If the football game is the focus, the on-screen graphics need to be side-lined. I propose keeping only the first line marker as is and modifying the scoreboard so it has less weight / opacity on the screen. I don’t even mind if Fox keeps their logo on the screen.

In this fleeting digital age, more isn’t always better.