Monthly Archives: September 2014

‘Year Of Wearable Technology’ Continues To Evolve

The year began with predictions that 2014 would be the year of wearable technology, the electronic devices that take the wonders of 21st century communication technology from the desk top, lap or pad and place them around the wrist, ankle or body. As the year passes, the eager predictors have not been disappointed.  Leading technology […]


Compensation In Collegiate Sports, A Big Win Or Loss For Brand Value?

  With the National Football League’s (NFL) current troubles with misbehaving players, the importance of protecting the brand is getting a lot of attention once again. The NFL, known for being on the cutting edge of everything to do with marketing, finds itself in an unenviable position when it comes to player conduct. The league […]

Hashtag, Selfie, or # Selfie?

From the President of the United States to the Pope to reality star Kim Kardashian, it’s becoming all the rage.  The “selfie” has officially been included into the Merriam Webster Dictionary while also being declared as The Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year for 2013. Also admitted were “tweep,” and “hashtag.” Performing a “selfie” has […]

Refreshed André Jourdan Website Highlights Line Of Beauty Products

Renowned Stylist André Tarek, accenting inner beauty by creating marvelous hair and skin for more than 30 years, has taken his inspiration online, with a redesigned website. Designed and developed by Junction Creative Solutions, the website highlights Tarek’s André Jourdan line of beauty products, infused with high concentrations of botanical and natural ingredients, being shared […]