Monthly Archives: July 2014

Unplug To A Healthier Cognitive Lifestyle

The term “too much of a good thing” is most frequently used to describe the negative effects of over-utilizing something in our lives that we generally find pleasing and comforting. In the past it was most often associated with consuming too many desserts or over-indulgence in our favorite beverages, alcoholic or otherwise. But given the […]


Great Customer Service Is Simply Not Complicated

Now a wise shopkeeper himself, the gentleman remembers the early days helping around his own parents’ store. From the moment they found him mature enough to handle a position on the sales floor and just tall enough to reach the keys to the cash register, his father instilled and re-inforced in him a few basic […]

No Comment: Freedom On The Web Is Not Always Worldwide

Just three days before local elections, the Turkish government blocked its citizens from using Twitter and YouTube. The ban lasted 67 days and was only lifted by Turkey’s telecommunication authority (TIB) after the country’s Constitutional Court ruled that the ban violated Turks’ free speech rights and ordered the ban be lifted. Recently Chinese Internet services […]

Junction Applauds The Adams County SPCA On Groundbreaking

Pictured at the groundbreaking at the Adams County SPCA are: from left, Scot Pitzer, representing state Senator Rich Alloway (R-33); Katie Carroll, SPCA board member; Abby Avery, SPCA shelter manager; Ann Birely, board secretary; Nancy Yang, board vice president; Joan Stremmel, board president; Jim Martin, Adams County commissioner; and Andy Feeser of Conewago Contractors. (Junction […]

Curbing The Negative Effects Of Corporate Bullies

Like the aftermath of the passing by of King Kong or Godzilla, the corporate bully leaves behind in their passing a certain level of wreckage to those who are unfortunate to be caught in the path. As children, bullies on the playground cause fear, anxiety and resentment to their victims, some for many years and […]