Junction Client Infinite Resource Solutions on Strategy, Acquisition, and Growth

Infinite Goes Live

Junction Creative Solutions (Junction), an Atlanta based, award winning strategic agency, highlights Infinite Resource Solutions (Infinite).  Daveenia Beller, Infinite CEO, is executing successfully against the growth plan for the business providing an example to other entrepreneurs who are looking to achieve scalability.

Infinite Resource Solutions is the result of a merger between the former Infinite Recruiting Resources and Armada Data Solutions.  A certified woman-owned business, Infinite believes in providing workplace solutions and services to achieve short-term goals while executing against the long-term vision of its clients and offers a unique combination of consulting talent and implementation expertise on demand.

“Aside from the basic benefits of reducing capital costs, overhead and achieving other efficiencies, this merger is much more than that in our eyes.  Our merger was not a strategy, but a means to implement strategy,” comments Daveenia Beller, Managing Partner & Founder, Infinite.  “In most mergers one company loses its identity and the surviving company assumes all rights.  This merger for us, is more of a consolidation of quality service offerings within different, but closely related, verticals.  We are expanding our service offering to accommodate the requested demands of our clients.  We have evolved to form a completely new identity, Infinite Resource Solutions, a company which specializes in “resource management”, which includes the following: hardware and infrastructure needs, security, staffing or professional services.”

On the heels of the recent acquisition, Infinite launched a new website showcasing its best-in-class, IT staffing and professional services.  Infinite’s services marry emerging technology with business solutions that offer its clients the agility and adaptability necessary to successfully respond to an ever-changing business environment.  In addition to the new website, the Junction Team provided creative direction on logo rework and newly blended collateral such as, newsletter design, sales presentation, a new blog design and expanded social media initiatives.  Infinite’s new “Resource Solutions Blog” offers unique and timely dialog on the day’s most pressing and interesting subjects in business, industry and personal career building.

“We are now providing a service offering to a client base in which we would not have been able to attract independent of the merger.  I believe our firm’s long-term strategic plan is well thought out. The merger fits the strategy, and success measures should follow naturally as long as we continue to position ourselves within the market, and most importantly keep a strong pulse on client satisfaction.  Sky’s the limit,” says Beller.

Julie Gareleck, Junction CEO and Managing Partner, commented, “The acquisition is a testament to Daveenia’s leadership and adeptness in developing a strategy and executing against it.  She has not only built a brand but a solid reputation as a leader in the industry.  We look forward to working with Infinite as the business grows!”

To view Infinite’s newly branded initiatives, visit  To learn more about how Junction combines the intellectual capital of a business consulting firm with the creative execution of an advertising agency to deliver cost-effective, comprehensive solutions, visit

Drawing the Lines on Graph

After a few short months of anticipation since its initial announcement, the live rollout of Facebook’s new Graph Search is now just on the horizon. Billed as the latest in a long line of ‘next big things’ that rarely make too big a splash, Graph Search is actually generating quite a bit of actual buzz. The reason is simple: it is the first concept to have a real chance at disrupting the deep-seated user behaviors engrained from using traditional search engines for the past 15+ years.

The idea is basic enough; presenting search results about people and activity in a visual style, and personalizing findings to a user’s own network to bring up more relevant information. Although Google, Yahoo!, and Bing certainly aren’t too difficult to operate, this style of search also comes off as a bit more intuitive, accepting criteria based on speech and the way a social citizen, not a programmer might think (you don’t need an advanced degree in Boolean logic to get more precise, localized results).

There are the requisite concerns over issues of privacy – some worry that companies are trying to explicitly monetize Facebook users and collect their personal data. But Graph results are restricted by user sharing preferences, allowing social networkers to control this information to some degree. When it goes live, many users will play around with Graph, but the platform will likely only be utilized by a certain segment of the overall FB population; one that includes a plethora of brands.

Because of this, far more important to note is the way that Graph may flip current SEO and SEM practices on their respective heads. A study by IT firm Mainstay Salire found that on average, local Facebook pages receive five times more marketing reach and as much as eight times more ‘engagement’ per fan than corporate brand pages. Graph is positioned to potentially make these numbers even greater. What brands wouldn’t want to build a more localized, more focused fan base?

Although comparable in practice, Graph must be viewed as an entirely different channel for businesses than typical search engines, requiring its own strategy if it is to be implemented effectively. Even the key metrics are different – ‘likes’ actually become more important, and goals should move away from linkbuilding and traffic in favor of building the kind social capital that has been revealed as the real driver in social media marketing.

Search can be a way of discovering customers’ intentions, but the assumption that users will adopt Graph as their search engine of choice, if at all, remains untested. Although the network is large, even immense, the quality of content found is really the most important factor for search engines, and the big 3 have that market fairly well covered. What if the launch of Graph simply puts more users off than it turns on? Facebook’s business could be taking another step in the wrong direction.

Facebook has had both great successes and more than its share of missteps in the past. Graph is emerging as the next big gamble – whether it lifts the social network to new heights of personal and brand engagement or acts as the straw that breaks the camel’s back for users is up in the air.

New Blog Look / Exciting Updates Coming

Have you noticed the new look of Strategy. Impact. Results.?
On the heels of a successful 4 years in business, we’ve decided it’s time for a brand refresh. The new design of the blog and our TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn pages is just a sneak peak.  Be sure to subscribe to our blog to receive updates on the upcoming launch of our new website!

Guardian Watch™ Launches Updated Platform Revolutionizing Public Safety Reporting and Response

Junction client Guardian Watch™ announces the launch of version 2.0 of its multi-platform application for public safety, intended to empower citizens during emergencies and create safer communities across America. The launch campaign is centered around Atlanta, GA, a rapidly growing major metropolitan area that the company hopes will serve as a model for the power of its ground-breaking technology.

The innovative application enables users to report and stream live video directly to emergency respondents and public safety organizations, arming them with valuable information that can help prevent crime and save lives during emergencies and disasters. The latest updates include an improved user experience, a new platform for video-streaming technology, and a system for Vicinity-Based Alert Notifications by text, email, or automated phone call.

Guardian Watch™ Founder and CEO Dr. Gordon Jones is confident that citizens equipped with the application will play a more active role in the protection of their community. In fact, early pilot programs have shown overwhelmingly positive results, earning recognition from local governments and industry organizations, including recognition by the National Sheriffs’ Association in the form of the 2012 Neighborhood Watch Excellence Award.

Junction has worked with Guardian Watch™ since March of 2012, managing the brand as well as providing technical project management leading up to the launch of the new online and mobile experiences. Junction has acted as the outsourced marketing and public relations department for Guardian Watch™, leveraging findings from a comprehensive strategy engagement to execute a marketing campaign designed to attract 1 million users locally and nationwide to the platform. Building an extensive network of active subscribers to crowdsource reports and carry the dialogue is critical to the success of Guardian Watch™.

“We believe in Gordon’s vision for Guardian Watch™ and are excited about our continued involvement with the growth of the business,” comments Julie Gareleck, CEO, Junction. “The impact of this revolutionary application and the overall strength of the brand speak highly to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved in this project. It is our hope that Guardian Watch™ will become the new standard-bearer of a better future of public safety.”

Learn more about Guardian Watch™, sign up, and download the application at More information about Junction is available online at

Did You See THAT?

Spectators at fashion shows, particularly during the high profile ‘Fashion Weeks’ around the world, are often witnesses to some very unusual showcases. Coinciding with Miami’s July 2012 fashion week, the new Twelv Magazine debuted, featuring a visually stunning colorful dress on the cover. Upon close inspection, it became evident that the 220 pound piece was made entirely of gummy bears.

Creating fashion out of food is a trend that has gained momentum over the course of the past few years. Fashioning edible couture out of things like spaghetti and meatballs, citrus fruits, or other materials commonly reserved for the dinner plate certainly makes a big statement. The works are painstakingly made to last just a few fleeting moments in the public eye, but leave a lasting impact on audiences. It is a great way for a designer or a brand to be noticed and remembered among the thousands of ‘looks’ vying for consumers’ attention.

In a crowded marketplace, marketers are always striving to accomplish what designers like the famous (or infamous) Yeonju Sung manage to do with just a few supplies from the grocery store. Marketing seeks to cut through the noise and grasp attention, even if only for a few seconds, and make an impression that lasts much longer.

It is not to say that businesses should desperately seek to create some sort of stunt to momentarily capture an audience; constancy is pivotal to successful brand marketing. ‘Putting all the eggs in one basket’ is clearly a risk. The lesson that should be culled from the zany fashion scene is that designing solutions that pack punch can leave audiences thinking about a brand even after the messaging stops. Your customers are already advocates for your brand; create something bold to keep them talking.