Prime Meridian Consulting Expands Its Reach in Healthcare Industry

November 23, 2016 – ATLANTA, GA:

Prime Meridian Consulting (Prime Meridian), a boutique consulting firm with more than 25 years of experience in serving the needs of leading organizations in the healthcare and pharmaceutical services environment, continues to gain market share, expanding the number of healthcare and pharmaceutical companies it serves.

“The healthcare and pharmaceutical industry faces many challenges to educate and train its salesforce to effectively represent the company and the products it offers. As the marketplace becomes more competitive and regulations increase, Prime Meridian has been able to provide unique solutions to drive value,” Regina Donohue Senior Manager, Prime Meridian. “We recently rebranded our company which is now better aligned with our presence and growth in the space.”

Prime Meridian selected Junction Creative Solutions (Junction), a strategic agency committed to creating high impact solutions for SMBS and Fortune 500 companies, to assist with the brand redesign and marketing strategy to grow its business.

Julie Gareleck, Junction CEO and founder says,” As the marketing landscape in the healthcare space continues to change dramatically, it’s critical for companies like Prime Meridian to establish a brand that is indicative of the value it provides to its clients. We are confident that the new brand accurately reflects Prime Meridian as it grows its footprint in an increasingly competitive environment.”

The new updated website features an insightful design that highlights Prime Meridian offerings in Advisory Board Solutions, Educational Training, Sales Force Training and e-Learning Solutions. Prime Meridian has developed and executed comprehensive solutions that deliver impactful results for its clients. To learn more about how Prime Meridian provides innovative solutions for Healthcare and Pharmaceutical companies visit

“We believe that our brand has been strengthen and we are able to attract and retain clients because of our relationship with Junction Creative. Collaborating with Junction was seamless. Our organization’s vision was truly captured in the work.”

About Prime Meridian

Prime Meridian Consulting (Prime Meridian) is a boutique consulting firm with more than 25 years of experience in serving the needs of many leading organizations in the healthcare industry. In an era of constant change for the industry, Prime Meridian offers clients unique solutions to healthcare and pharmaceutical companies to include Advisory Board Solutions, Educational Training, Sales Force Training and e-Learning Solutions.

About Junction Creative Solutions

Junction Creative Solutions (Junction) combines the intellectual capital of a consulting firm with the creative execution of an advertising agency to create effective and measurable strategies and solutions. The solutions align with specific business goals and objectives, and provide consistency from strategic planning through execution. As a result, our clients are able to maximize opportunities to react, adapt, and thrive — ultimately creating more sustainable and competitive businesses. Junction’s award winning portfolio boasts successful strategies and agency solutions for SMBs and Fortune 500 companies.

Feedback: An Opportunity to Initiate Growth

imagesAJABP5C7 Feedback

It was one of those moments we have all experienced in some form or at some time in our daily lives. The moment when we realize that our world, that space in which we conduct the veritable business of life, is occupied by others; and those “others” have an opinion on how we are conducting our life’s business. Critical analysis is everywhere and, welcomed or not, it often arrives without a bow of constructive flavor, wrapped in a pretty box of sensitivity or an abundance of concern for our self-esteem. Like it or not most feedback, constructive or not, is rooted in the truth as to how “others” in our world perceives our actions. It is the moment that most of us are shocked into the realization that not everyone in our world sees things as we do. The moment comes just before the surprised, self-discovery that none of us are always right.

When confronted with negative feedback from the boss, coworker, friend or foe, the first response is usually an emotional event punctuated by denial and explained away by rational. Too often our reaction is to push the purveyor away and shun their comments. But allowing the hurt feelings to pass and permitting a period of reflection can lead to an opportunity for learning and growth. While the vast majority of feedback comes from those interested in helping, even the negative and unfounded criticisms can promote understanding as to how others see the world differently from us. “We all need people who give us feedback. That’s how we improve”, says Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft and technology icon.

When Sheryl Sandberg, formerly from Facebook and Google, was asked, “What’s the number one thing you look for in someone who can scale with a company?” her answer was immediate and to the point. “Someone who takes feedback well. Because people who can take feedback well are people who can learn and grow quickly.” Whether delivered from boss, customer or confidant, it is important that feedback not be dismissed out of hand. Accept it, evaluate it and initiate positive change in response to it. Assume it comes with good intentions and think of it as a time for positive self-reflection and improvement.

“In our line of work, we often find ourselves providing insights and/or feedback to our clients with regards to their business,” comments Julie Gareleck, CEO, Junction Creative Solutions. “If our clients are open to change, they are able to realize growth or take initiative to resolve a problem. If they are not ready for change, we find ourselves on the receiving end of constructive criticism. While a delicate balance, we’ve seen the results of Sandberg’s theory.”

Are You Preparing a Business Strategy to Weather Any Storm in 2017?


As we approach the year-end, tradition demands that business leaders begin to focus on the trends in the economy and set-forth economic predictions for the coming year and propose strategies to enable businesses to respond effectively to those proposed challenges. While many of the “the sky is falling” predictions may be overstated, the accepted consensus of thought among leading economists is gravitating toward a likely recession sometime in 2017.

Some more extreme predictions promote an impending economic downturn greater than that experienced in 2008. “I think the end of 2017 or the start of 2018 is quite possible for a recession,” says Brad McMillan, chief investment officer at Commonwealth Financial. “All the indicators seem to be lining up for that time frame.” Hopes that a change in presidential leadership will defer such a down turn hold little promise. “Our expectation is the economy will be relatively weak. The next president is going to need a plan right out of the gate,” says John Engler, president of the Business Roundtable, the group that has spoken with both Clinton’s and Trump’s campaigns about ideas to spur growth. Coming out of the “Great Recession” of 2008 many business leaders expected a recovery typical of past economic declines but was surprised to experience a persistent, lagging time span and the overall weakness of the recovery. “We’re kind of stuck in a funk,” says economist David Beckworth of Western Kentucky University. “This is the new normal.” Whether we are to believe these pessimistic forecasts or not, now is the time for organizational leaders to formulate a business strategy for survival and growth in 2017.

The process of formulating an effective strategy begins with evaluating the current state of your business, syncing with who your best customers are and what solutions are most vital to them.  Remember, a plan is the road map to a future reality. A projected journey to protect a position and hold the line against the competition is not a plan for sustainability or growth in the marketplace.

No matter the pedigree or the validity of an economic forecast, a legitimate strategic plan requires the ability to monitor measure and respond to changes in original assumptions. An ongoing focus on the metrics of the plans progress will permit you to evolve your tactics to address a dynamic environment that may threaten a plans original projected outcome.

A responsible allocation of resources to any endeavor is critical to the success of any outcome. The results of any process can be linked back to the amount of resources directed at the effort. “Pie-in-the-Sky” goals and objectives in any economy is a certain detriment to a successful outcome. Reasonable, realistic and responsible projections set the foundation for a sound strategy.

Not all organizations are structured to develop, execute and manage a comprehensive strategic process. Forming a partnership with an experienced and skilled provider who is in the position to focus the necessary skills on the process can be essential to success.

Founder and CEO of Junction Creative Solutions (Junction) says, “We have already started the strategic planning process with many of our clients before the end of the year. We are assisting our clients with developing strategies such that we can respond in real-time to this volatile political environment and rapidly changing marketplace. Our team is constantly monitoring market trends to better inform our clients of how it might impact a specific market segment or target consumer. ”

Now is the time to prioritize, identified and develop a phased strategically smart approach to weathering the coming economic storm whatever its intensity.