SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile)

At the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), developers and manufacturers showed off their latest innovations. Powerful computers, ultra-slim OLED TVs, concept cars, and other cutting-edge products were on display, generating plenty of buzz with attendees and industry insiders.

For marketers, there was nothing more exciting at this year’s show than the unveiling of some impressive new geolocation technologies for smartphones and other mobile devices that can pinpoint a user’s position (only if opted-into.) The concept of leveraging where a consumer is for increasing the impact of marketing isn’t itself particularly new; geolocation technology has existed in some form for several years. However, only more recently has the practicality of this type of marketing been drastically improved as users become increasingly connected to the world around them.

The portmanteau SoLoMo may seem like just a catchphrase for the new capabilities of geotargeted marketing techniques, but it has immense value. These three characteristics define an effective campaign in the current market, because local sharing and collaboration among people is driving the trends. As consumers become increasingly mobile, social channels have become the essential touchpoint for brands. Consumers are stronger and more vocal advocates than ever before, and utilizing the Geolocation software on display at CES to find them will allow a message to be enormously more powerful.

The advent of contextual advertising was a major step forward in digital marketing, and geolocation has now pushed its potency above and beyond. What are the limits for the future?

Promotion Update: In the Swing of Things

January marks the beginning of the first quarter of the New Year, and is an exciting time for businesses. With 2011 in our rear view mirror, we are eager to reach new heights in the coming months. A little more than two weeks into Junction’s first promotion of 2012, we are excited to see submissions begin to roll in!

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Promotion Update: Does Your Business Need a Boost in 2012?

Here at Junction, business is back in full swing. We know that all over the country, companies are reenergized, and pushing for a strong start to the New Year. We have assessed what we learned from 2011, and adjusted our strategies to maximize our impact on the business and our clients.

Junction understands the importance of setting goals and expectation for the New Year – growth hinges on our preparation. Junction wants to motivate other businesses to do the same. We want to help drive value and build better businesses. We are offering a chance for a business to win $5,000 in free services just for sharing business resolutions for 2012.

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Reaching Cruising Altitude

In an age of digital technological dependence, it is frustrating to power down the devices which keep us connected to the world, even just for a few hours. As such, the dilemma has sparked a great deal of discussion about why airlines ask passengers to power down portable electronic devices.

Although the public has generally been told that signals from such devices could interfere with the plane’s onboard navigational equipment, there are several other possible motives. Overhearing another passenger’s phone conversations can be particularly annoying, and many think the regulations’ purpose may be to maintain crew and passenger sanity.  Is this another attempt to improve the overall experience of flying?

Despite the fact that SmartPhones feature an “airplane mode” that allows local use of the device without broadcasting or receiving any signal, airlines are still adamant about users fully powering them down. As it turns out, the FAA is concerned about any and all passenger distractions during takeoff and landing, because those are the most critical time periods during a flight for passengers to be alert in case of an emergency.  In essence, the real value of banning the use of devices is rooted in a strong concern for passenger safety.

Actor Alec Baldwin was recently removed from an American Airlines flight for using his phone to play the popular Words With Friends after he was instructed to disable the device by the flight crew. Much of the attention was placed on the farcical nature of the event, ignoring the possibility that in our social media-crazed state, someone may choose to text or tweet before taking action in the event of an emergency.

While airlines face criticism for detaching passengers from their beloved cell phones, they are actually attempting to protect their most valuable assets: customers. So why not market it as such? The fact is that business motives are often radically different than what marketing may powerfully otherwise suggest.

The FAA is currently working towards certifying specific electronic devices as safe and compliant, in an effort to loosen regulations on device use. However, passengers probably shouldn’t expect airline practices to drastically change over a competitive game of Words With Friends or Angry Birds.

Junction Offers $5,000 in Consulting Services for Best Business New Year’s Resolutions

Building upon a strong 2011, Atlanta-based strategic firm Junction Creative Solutions (Junction) announces its first promotion of 2012 as it focuses on building better businesses in the New Year. The outlook for entrepreneurs, small business, and companies of larger size alike is positive entering 2012, and Junction is proud to partner with businesses to help them grow sustainably and thrive.

The promotion, centered on the concept of Business Resolutions, calls for entrepreneurs and other business professionals to submit short videos or written essays describing their businesses and the resolutions they are making to thrive in the New Year.  The winning submission will receive a choice of consulting services from Junction, up to a value of $5,000. All entrants will receive a 15% discount on any one consulting service.

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Submissions will be accepted via email to from 8:00 AM on January 3, 2012 until 5:00 PM on February 17, 2012. All submissions must contain a name, company name, website link (if available), mailing address, email address, and phone number.

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