The Other Bill Maher: Travel Enthusiast & Entrepreneur

You won’t find William (Bill) Maher, founder and CEO of Intelaplay tucked away in an office building. Instead, he can be seen taking to the skies in his Cessna 127Sp or sailing the blue waters off of Florida’s Gulf Coast. Bill is three times a successful entrepreneur with a passion for travel that he developed as his previous ventures lead him to exciting new places. The world is Maher’s office, and he has segued his zest for exploring the globe into his latest business venture.

Maher’s latest pursuit was born in a watershed moment. Browsing the internet with the goal of discovering and booking a great rental for a Hawaiian vacation, he became frustrated by the complexity of the process and the brevity of the information available.  His annoyance led him to an idea – that travel websites, especially for the rental community, could be drastically improved with an enhanced user experience and richer, more localized content. He believed he could engineer a better solution; one that would take the hassle out of searching a dozen or more websites in order to plan a vacation.

And so Bill Maher, whose name is often mistaken for the synonymous comedian and TV host (he once landed on a tarmac full of eager fans, only to disappoint them when he exited his plane), decided to build a better travel and rental resource from the ground up. He partnered with Junction Creative Solutions. Fast forward 9 months, and has launched its intuitive, immersive online experience, featuring Bill’s hometown of St. Petersburg and the surrounding Tampa Bay area as its first featured destination.

The launch has been promoted with a unique corresponding experiential marketing campaign- A New Way to Stay and Play – true to the core principle of the site that the process of choosing “places to stay” and “places to play” should be simplified, localized, and headache-free. The concept is scalable to locations in any part of the world, and the challenge for Bill is now to take the site to a global level. He is committed to making Intelaplay the leading resource for travelers around the world.

Bill’s work on is terrific example of the spirit of entrepreneurship at work. He saw a real need in the marketplace through his own personal experience, and leveraged his passion and know-how to effectively fill the gap. Wherever he is found, whether on a Caribbean beach or in the mountains of Southeast Asia, he is bound to be thinking of his next big idea.

Junction’s Favorite Things

** From the pages of Junction’s notebook: Read about the experiences, perspectives, and ideas of Junction team members.

Looking for the perfect last minute gift, or just something to treat yourself to a better life? Here are a few of Junction’s favorite things. You may find something you didn’t know you could live without!

SodaStream (Around $100, available at many major retailers): This great appliance allows you to flavor and carbonate your own beverages at home, saving on costs and calories vs. buying traditional soda. It is fun to play around with flavor combinations and the results taste great!

Yogli Mogli Frozen Yogurt ($3 and up): Whether it is for an afternoon snack or a post-dinner treat, Yogli Mogli offers more than 10 flavors of frozen yogurt with more than 20 options for toppings. The sweet frozen delights are fantastic and carry less guilt than popular full-fat alternatives like Cold Stone. The franchise has only launched in Georgia and Illinois, but it is quickly becoming one of our favorite places.

Post It Notes ($0.99 and up:) Art Fry, along with Dr. Spencer Silver, invented Post It Notes, which hit stores in 1980….quickly becoming one of the organized world’s favorite things. Post It Notes are an integral part of our daily routines, great for writing ourselves a reminder or jotting down brilliant ideas. We like interesting colors like purple, pink, and blue over the standard yellow. Despite the introduction of Apple’s digital “Stickies” and Windows’ “Sticky Notes,” we prefer the original.

OPI Gel Finger Nail Polish (Prices vary by manicurist): After years of leaving the salon only to have perfectly manicured fingernails quickly ruined, we discovered OPI Gel Nail Polishes. Composed of natural Shellac, these polishes are cured under special lamps and are incredibly durable! For a few extra dollars, we leave the salon with a flawless and lasting manicure every time.

Shun Classic 8″ Chef’s Knife ($149, various retailers): A high quality chef’s knife is the go-to tool for any serious cook – versatile, comfortable, and functional, it is the cornerstone of the kitchen. Spend a little more for this Japanese-made beauty and be amazed at the difference. It will keep its razor-sharp edge far longer than cheap knives and will last a lifetime with proper care, making it a worthwhile investment.

Reusable Coffee Cup Sleeve ($4 and up at many coffee shops): Instead of using a new cardboard sleeves, save a little waste each time you stop by your favorite coffee shop by keeping a stylish reusable sleeve with you instead. Besides doing the planet a favor, they also insulate your hands far better!

Shazam (Free Ad-Supported, iTunes store or Android Market): Can’t for the life of you remember who sang “One Night in Bangkok?” Heard a new song you like and want to know the title and artist? Just pull out your smartphone and let Shazam, a free app, listen and tell you all you need to know. It comes in handy so much more frequently than you would expect, whether you are a casual listener or serious music buff.

Apple iPhone 4S ($199, multiple carriers): The latest incarnation of Apple’s revolutionary smartphone lets us keep in touch with the world. Facetime is an incredible tool that lets us see family or friends, even when we are in different places. Plus, playing great games on the iPhone is a fun way to pass the time.

Amazon Kindle (starting at $79, E-readers are rapidly taking over market share, and it is well-deserved. Devices like the Kindle make downloading, storing, and reading books and other publications quick, easy, and fun.’s massive online store makes its Kindle the clear cut winner.

Keurig Coffee Makers ($99 and up, various major retailers): We love Keurig Coffee Makers because they are perfect for situations that don’t call for brewing an entire pot. Hundreds of blends and flavors are on the market, making it fun and easy to experiment and find the perfect cup. Great for one quick cup in the morning, or a pick me up in the afternoon, we also happen to love that they are available in different colors to coordinate with our own personal style!

Apple MacBook Pro (starting around $599): It doesn’t matter if you are a ‘Mac’ or a ‘PC,’ there is no denying that Apple has revolutionized standards for quality in the laptop market. We have recently gotten to know the MacBook Pro and some of its top of the line features. One of our personal favorites is the PhotoBooth application, which allows us to snap shots and use effects to create amazing photos. In the market for a new laptop? We definitely stand behind the MacBook Pro.

Garages: This holiday season, one of our absolute favorite things across the office is covered places for automobiles. Garages are indispensible in the winter months, especially in colder climates, saving auto owners the hassle of scraping ice from windshields and digging out parked cars. Garages allow the office to run smoothly, helping everyone to get to where they need to be on time. When buying a house, be sure a garage is part of the square footage.

Holiday Cooking:  Obviously, family gatherings and really good eating are one of our favorite things about this season. For some of us, delicious Candied Yams instantly bring everyone to the table and remind us of warm memories. For others, an elaborate roast signifies the luxury of the season. Even a simple egg nog or warm cocktail by a fire can be just about as good as it gets.

The Junction team wishes you a terrific holiday season. We’d love to hear about some of your favorite things!

A Special Thanks from the CEO

** From the pages of Junction’s notebook: Read about the experiences, perspectives, and ideas of Junction team members.

In March of this year, Junction started working with Bill Maher, CEO, Intelaplay, on an online travel website unlike others in the industry.  As of December went live.  An execution of this size is no small endeavor.

A special thanks to the entire team (in no particular order): Mark, Tamika, Marci, Josh, Robert, Ale, Mariana, Paulo, Felipe, Sean, Sebastian, Manual, Leo, Russ, Dick, Donna, and Rolando.  A job well done.

A special thanks to our client, Bill Maher, for pushing the boundaries set by industry competitors and for believing in our team. We look forward to building upon the success of

I am always amazed at how the Junction team can realize a client’s vision.  It’s an awesome thing that we get to do everyday.



Junction Client Intelaplay Launches a Best In Class Online Travel Experience

Intelaplay launches, an immersive and intuitive online travel website, providing a differentiated experience for travelers and advertisers alike.  The online platform offers an educational, easy to use, yet richly contextual experience.  Developed by Junction Creative Solutions, the website is designed and aligned with the mission of Intelaplay, presenting comprehensive resources in an easy to digest experience for its users.

The Intelaplay concept is based around galleries of high definition, up to date photos and descriptions of hotels and attractions written by local and knowledgeable sources. This differentiated and immersive experience generates a highly realistic image of the destination to aid the user in choosing an itinerary. Listings are categorized as “Places to Stay” and “Places to Play,” simplifying and organizing the planning process to drive maximum value for users on the site. Detailed information on dining, culture, events, and more based on location offer local residents an incentive to utilize the site.

Intelaplay’s campaign, A New Way to Stay and Play, offers a significant creative shift, from a memorable jingle heard on radio or the sky advertising seen above Tampa Bay’s captivating shoreline. The digital experience acts as the hub allowing for users and advertisers to get an in-depth overview of the benefits of Intelaplay.  For travelers, the site offers an enhanced user experience making for a more streamlined travel planning experience.  For advertiser, the site offers an opportunity to reach target consumers based on user preferences resulting in a higher return on investment.

“With its ability to provide users with ‘customized’ and ‘localized’ content, is poised to become a successful and comprehensive travel resource for users worldwide,” says founder Bill Maher. “The challenge and opportunity is to now take it even further.”

Visit the new site at