Junction Creative Solutions Educates Atlanta-Based Women Entrepreneurs On The Importance Of Strategy In Growing Sustainable Businesses

 ATLANTA, GA: November 18, 2010 – Junction Creative Solutions (Junction) participated in the “Ask the Experts Round-Table Discussion” hosted by StartUpChicks, a non-profit organization focused on connecting and inspiring entrepreneurial women.  Experts shared key insights from business planning to exit strategy with women business owners in the Atlanta region.

“We wanted to provide an opportunity for participants to ask questions related to challenges with launching, marketing, and sustaining new business ventures,” said Julie Gareleck, managing partner, Junction.  “It’s so critical to have a business plan or a roadmap to guide execution – strategically and successfully.

Gareleck shared lessons learned from her experiences in building the strategic firm from ground zero.  In 18 months, Junction has grown to a team of 9, in 3 locations (Atlanta, Central PA, and Costa Rica), with clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.  She stressed the importance of having a business plan, a living-breathing document that can be adapted as the company grows.

In addition to Gareleck, panelists included: Peter Rosen, HR Strategies & Solutions; Jackie Hutter , General Counsel and Chief IP Officer; Allison Siavage, Siavage Law Group; Kenji Kuramoto , AcuityCFO; Jody Fennell and Ella Dyer , Abundant Closet; and Lynn Scott and Lisa B. Dowling, Arnold Golden Gregory Law Firm.  Topics included:  IP, legal, finance, outsourcing, fundraising, branding, marketing, and strategic planning. 

“StartUpChicks is a great organization for women entrepreneurs.  Junction is a proud sponsor of the organization and its growing member base,” said Gareleck. “We hope the number of new businesses continue to rise, fueling the entrepreneurial environment in Atlanta.”

 About StartupChicks

StartupChicks was founded in February of 2009 when the founder, Jen Bonnett, noted the extreme dearth in women attending various local entrepreneurial events. The company has grown from its original five founding members to a membership of over 500 and has hosted numerous educational and social events for its members.  The StartUpChicks mission is to connect entrepreneurial women and to grow, inspire and educate women on entrepreneurship as a career/life choice.

Atlanta Based Motion Stability Introduces the Launch of a New Brand Strategy and Website

ATLANTA, GA: October 28, 2010 — Motion Stability, a leading physical therapy and rehabilitation center headquartered in Atlanta, GA, introduces a new brand strategy and website.  Motion Stability, a practice committed to excellence, offers a user-friendly online experience to educate and inform patients.

“We stress the importance of our multi-dimensional approach for evaluating and treating pain to our clients.  We wanted the site to include the latest research and relevant information helpful to understanding how to restore performance and resolve pain,” said Brian Yee, owner, Motion Stability.  “As well, we want our clients to continually have access to our team and our research.”

The website is designed with the customer in mind, allowing visitors to quickly navigate areas of the website to learn about current and upcoming trends in research, articles, patient information, educational courses, and community involvement.

“We believe in Brian Yee’s vision for Motion Stability.  He has created a thriving and sustainable business with a unique combination of industry knowledge, experience, and customer-focus,” said Julie Cropp Gareleck, Junction Creative Solutions. “We greatly enjoyed working with Brian and his amazing team at Motion Stability. We wish the team much success with their practice and their new website!”

To visit the new site, visit www.motionstability.com.

About Motion Stability

Motion Stability opened its doors in 2006 as a rehabilitation organization for clinical excellence, evidence-based research and professional course training.  With over 10 years of experience working with a continuum of patients – from acute to chronic pain to elite level athletes in the PGA Tour, NFL, USTA, NBA, and Olympics – – Brian Yee, owner, established one of the leading physical therapy and rehabilitation centers in Atlanta, GA.  The team at Motion Stability shares passion, diverse talent, and a drive for providing the best level of care for injuries as well as comprehensive strategies for resolving pain and dysfunction.  The therapists provide education, tools, and resources to insure that patients are able to maintain good health and prevent future injury.

Connecting to Kinect?

Video games continue to evolve with the newest release of Microsoft’s new controller-less gaming & entertainment system called  Kinect for XBOX 360. It’s safe to say that we have come a long way since 1975 when Atari was introduced.

It’s another new development in the gaming experience putting the control into the hands of the user, literally.  Instead of traditional gamepads or keyboards, users connect with arm movements, waves, voice commands, facial recognition, and video chat.  Kinectimals, a virtual pet simulator game, mimics the movements such as spinning and jumping. (As incredulous as it sounds, we even tested in on a 2-year old. It was a success.)

Although cutting-edge, we did see a few unique issues with the user interface.  Selecting items on the screen requires that a user places a hand over the item for an average of 10 seconds.  If you move within that timeframe, the timer resets….this has the potential to create frustration especially with the younger and less impatient, older user groups.  And a few other reviews worth checking out:



Regardless, this just might be the future of UI.  For now, it’s just a fun new toy to play with!

Trends in Talent Acquisition

Small business is on the rise, taking shape a new generation of entrepreneurs.  The Small Business Administration (SBA) reported that an estimated 27.5 million small businesses operated in the US in 2009 creating more than 65% of net new jobs. The statistics account for the number of opportunities but not always the opportunity cost of identifying new employees.  Trends indicate that entrepreneurs are looking to family and friends to fill those coveted roles.

Laura Pretrecca, USA Today writer, shares findings in her article, “Hiring family or friends to work for you can be boon or bust.”

Whether you agree or disagree with employing family and friends, hiring strategies are a key component to creating a sustainable and effective workforce.  The same rules should apply to family and friends as it would to a candidate you identify during the recruiting process:

1.  Define position goals/objectives

2.  Outline key measurements for achieving those goals/objectives

3.  Empower employee to take ownership for the successes/failures

4.  Hold the employee accountable

We would like to hear from you.  How have you successfully or unsuccessfully recruited new candidates, family members, or friends?