A Perspective on Competition

As reluctant consumers curb spending, companies are facing what seems  an insurmountable task of gaining a slice of what market share remains.

The traditional approach has been to compete directly with competitors most times offering the same products and services with varied pricing.  This model has certainly proven to be successful in the past.

However, what if companies created a new approach?  Instead of trying to beat the competition, companies aim to make the competition irreverent. By exploring value innovation (thus creating higher consumer value), companies are able to carve out an uncontested niche in the marketplace.

What’s your perspective on competition?

Great Development Shop

Congratulations to Jason Tye and his team at Doublejump Interactive for the launch of their new site. www.doublejumpinteractive.com

How Does Your Company Value Innovation?

As a new decade befalls us, we are reminded of the importance of value innovation.  It is the way to become more efficient, compete more aggressively, deliver better results to create more sustainable growth are abuzz.

If we define innovation as new ideas; thinking outside traditional boundaries; new products or services, how is it that one creates this thing called “value innovation?”

Here are two important ingredients:

  • Ensure stakeholder readiness.  If your stakeholders are not committed to investing and exploring new ideas, products/services, etc., failure is certain.
  • Employ a well-defined process to bring the innovation to fruition.  If you don’t have a clear plan to execute on, failure is certain.

How does your company value innovation?

A Little Advice

In 2009, one of our clients spent a sizable portion of  his budget  on an agency who boasted their strategic services.  The strategy document, all though well-formatted, complete with fancy charts, were devoid of a sustantive strategy.  The 8-page deliverable  read like a book report.   Unfortunately, the end result for our client was a fiscal waste.  Fortunately, our team was able to step in to provide the measurable strategy he was looking for.

Strategy by defintion is a long-range plan, method, or roadmap for obtaining specific objectives or goals that insure success.  Strategy is not market research.

Consider this when vetting your strategic partner.

Justify Your Investment

Identify risk and return with sufficient accuracy and confidence to justify investment.”  The Boston Consulting Group

Any questions?

Hybrid: Consulting Firm & Advertising Agency

Amidst the stories of mass layoffs and rising unemployment emerges a company determined to bring authenticity, integrity, and value back to the business environment.   Junction Creative LLC (Junction), an Atlanta-based strategy firm, defies traditional boundaries to create a hybrid between a consulting firm and an advertising agency.  Junction consults with emerging and existing businesses, providing measurable, results-driven strategic solutions.

“The ability for a company to react, adapt, and thrive in this economy is vital,” comments Julie Cropp Gareleck, Managing Partner, Junction.  “Business practices are changing as consumer behaviors continue to evolve.  It’s critical for businesses to assess and redefine fundamental strategies to sustain and remain competitive in a challenging business climate.”

Junction offers customized solutions across business, brand/marketing, and technology, across industries, providing a unique advantage for clients.  This un-agency prides itself on its ability to adapt services for start-up and early stage companies as well as global Fortune 500 companies.  Services include: business planning, opportunity assessments, venture coaching, integrated online/offline marketing strategy, user experience analysis and design, as well as technology evaluation and strategy.  All solutions are designed to align with strategic objectives to yield the highest success metric.

“At the end of the day, I don’t want to be known for the most competitive billable rate,” comments Gareleck. “I want the success of my business to be measured by the success of our clients.”